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"he hasn't slept in 5 years..."

critique and sell me, baby

22 March
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bio v 5.0
I am 25. I went to college and afterward moved to New York City, where I got a job at a bookstore. Pretty much everything else is up in the air.

A normal day for me goes like this: I get up, swear I'll get a decent night's sleep for a goddam change tonight, shower, take the train into Manhattan, work in the book mine, do something, do something else, get pissed that I'm not going to get home til late, drink, get home late, then stay up even later for no good reason not accomplishing anything.

You know that Aesop Rock song "Daylight," where he goes "All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day, put the pieces back together my way?" I can relate to that. I don't get along with most of the culture that's around me, so I reject a bunch of stuff? Which often feels really empowering and also often feels really lonely.

I am kind of pissed at the activism of the sixties. It's pretty clear to me that America's in a bad place right now, and it's also pretty clear to me that smoking weed and having sex isn't going to make things okay. You know? So I'm kind of trying to redefine what activism is, for myself, on a small scale. I don't eat meat, stay away from leather, thrift my clothes, all that stuff. I'm generally not a dick about it, though, unless you want to confront me and try to convince me that I should, for example, eat meat. In which case fuck you.

Uh, not that I think this will fix America, but I'm not really that optimistic about fixing America. I'm optimistic about clearing a space where I, my friends, and people like us can live our lives without being fucked with from above.

I am terrible with relationships. No one believes me. Seriosuly, don't try to start a thing with me, I am a mess.

I'm in love with New York, but I am also in love with New Jersey.

Nobody cares what bands and writers and movies I like. Still: the Bouncing Souls, Aimee Bender, and Paul Thomas Anderson.

The heart is by Bryan Kienlan from the Bouncing Souls.
"Bored" is from xlaptopcorex.
The girl with the red curtain is by Julie Verhoeven.

a gap in meaning, aesop rock, aimee bender, alain robbe-grillet, alan watts, ambiguity, amy bloom, andrew wk, animals riding other animals, baritone guitar, being absolutely fucking perfect, being wrong, black coffee, boy sets fire, buddhism, cex, cheap rubber jelly bracelets, cow's plane, crusty sycamore hedgehogs, cunnilingus, daniel quinn, dave navarro, deconstruction, def jux, dotting i's with ovals, drawing poorly, dream pop, droppin' science, drunk html ninja skillz, east coast! fuck you!, epee fencing, epidermis as erogenous zone, etymological ninjitsu, expensive nail polish, experiments, face piercing, faux self-righteous vegetarianism, fiction, figuring stuff out, fingernail skin trails, flight not fight, fuck literality, fugazi, garbage, gender, getting lyrics wrong, girl skin, girls with opinions, grammar, grey skies, half-assed androgyny, halloween, henry darger, hiding under photoshop filters, hum, humorous tyos, ill science, insomnia, j.d. salinger, jeanette winterson, jhonen vasquez, julie verhoeven, junot diaz, kate bornstein, kelly link, kid606, kids in the hall, kissing with lights on, language as a living thing, learning to stop trying, literality, loud guitars slow, magical realism, making out like high-schoolers, making things up, man... or astro-man?, melancholy, michel foucault, mike patton, mindless self indulgence, misinterpretation, mix tapes, mr. bungle, murder via stereo speaker, museum book stores, my bloody valentine, my so-called life, neil gaiman's comics, new jersey, new york city, niagara falls girlfriend, not saving the world, numbers and materials, ol' dirty bastard, old sonic youth, paul thomas anderson, pauly shore, placebo, poisson d'avril, polaroids of sad cardigans, pretty girls make graves, pseudoscience, psychotica's self-titled debut, punching crowd surfers, quitting things, radio in the kitchen, ralph ellison, re-enchanting the world, reading under trees, rock catharsis, rock music subgenre etymology, screeching weasel, seeing lights from above, self-mythologizing, shoegazing, shoes, singing in the car, sleater-kinney, sleep vs. sleep deprivation, slint, soul coughing, sound, spanish, steering wheel percussion, strings of colored lights, subjectivity, the black heart procession, the bouncing souls, the chemical brothers, the fit, the flaming lips, the ineffable, the locust, the process of thinking, the simpsons, the smashing pumpkins, the sound of rain, the wu-tang clan, thought pattern overlap, tim burton, toxic waste represent!, trail of dead, twin peaks, ugly people in bars, up yours hypocrite, whiskey, words, writing to make sense, your bare lower back, zombies