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I moved to a new apartment! And I can't get twenty minutes to myself for fucking around or anything. I have been so busy, I will tell you all about all of it one day. But right now: War Cave show on June 18th, congratulations Ty and Kristin, I have to go to the dollar store.

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Okay, mordicai punked me into this thing. I can't tell if it's cool or not- I'm not evenreally sure what it is- but you should go check it out. I guess you make a profile and then everybody's profile links to everybody else's profile? And everybody is in everybody else's gang, or something. *shrug*


I don't know, it it's Saturday and you're looking at the computer thing, you probably need a new thing to fuck around with. Or not. But wouldn't you like to be in my silly e-gang?
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You know, it's kinda sad that muscley boys stripped down to their blue-and-yellow briefs, rubbing lotion all over other naked muscley boys on stage while disco plays really loud, just don't do much for me. Y'know? Because if I found 'em more exciting, last night would have been even better.

See what happened was, Rach and Mary drank beer all day long. Rach called up around midnight- after I'd taken the king of the naps and decided just to stay in- like, drunk and barely coherent, threatening to kill everyone on the train or something. I was like, okay, I am such a mommy bird, I will come make sure you get home.

The drunken directions went, "we are in [some unintelligible bar name] on avenue A at fifth street." So I went to all the bars on A, right? And they weren't in 'em. I even went into Opaline, where we'd gone to the open bar a thousand times last summer, but there was a cover.

Here's where it's awesome! This cute little kid with a bunch of makeup on was taking money at the door. I was like, is there a cover? And he was like, yeah, ten dollars. So I said, okay, bye, and he said, wait! So I said, Quesion mark? And he had me turn around, looked at my butt I guess, then said I could just go in.

BECAUSE I'M SO ATTRACTIVE! Which is nice. 'Cept then my people weren't in there, either, just a thousand sweaty boys. (And nobody even tried to make out with me.) I guess one of the naked boys onstage was pretty dried out- maybe he works in a dusty bookstore too!- because the other naked boy onstage kept climbing all over him and rubbing moisturizer into his thighs and rumpus. I kept wishing that it would turn me on, but eh. No dice. I'M PRETTY FRUITY BUT I AM JUST NOT GAY ENOUGH :*-(.

Anyway, then I found my people and stayed out all night and got home at 4:30.

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I just posted you a good long entry about why I haven't been posting, what I've been up to, spontaneous guitar-and-banjo jams breaking out in the subway, rock shows friends why my life is basically summer camp, at this point, how everything's half-finished and I'm juggling a bunch of projects, and even an allusion to Top Secret Big Mysterious Things- but then the stupid internet cafe computer ate it. GODDAM STUPID INTERNET CAFE COMPUTER (please don't eat this one too).

But so things are good, and I'm glad people are starting to unfriend me for infrequency of postings. Love you too.

I am tired.
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One thing that's nice is when you take the day off work because of a migraine, and then the neighbor on the other side of the paper wall decides to work on his double bass technique. CHRIST.

There has been so much stuff going on, I think a big part of the reason I am migrained out and sick is that I haven't sat down and relaxed since, god, i don't know when. That's what today's supposed to have been for, except that now that kid is working on the beat from "Lump."

Here are some things that have happened recently:

  • I went to New Jersey and spent some time with my friends from, like, way back- Jeremy, Mambo, Brett, those people. It was good. I kicked everybody's face in at pool.
  • I saw Ty and Kristin. <3
  • Sunday night I was in New Jersey and I stumbled, completely accidentally, into a memorial dinner thing at a diner. It was for my friend Floyd, who worked at my first Barnes & Noble with me, years ago. It was great because I hadn't really gotten to mourn him much.
  • Last night I hung out with Hannah, who I think kind of hates me. Which is okay. I like her. We ate the best green curry in the whole world at this restaurant called Sea, and also the best spring rolls ever.
  • I slept until two today.
  • I made a doctor's appointment! I should have done that months or years ago.

I have been pretty terrible about updating this livejournal, huh? I really haven't been home and not asleep or drunk in a long time. Hence the illness. Hence the Illness.